Sanitary Apocalypse Album Cover

Sanitary Apocalypse is a 28-minute narrative song about an Earth spray-and-wiped to oblivion, with survivors living on dirt pills. The song follows protagonist Clara making her way north to an alleged shelter off the coast of Norway.

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gen y irony stole my heart cover.300

Wyatt Moss-Wellington’s 2011 offering, Gen Y Irony Stole My Heart, is a cycle of 14 musically and thematically diverse songs featuring Sydney luminaries Hamish Stuart on drums, Abel Cross on double bass, Ian Watson on violin, with Louise Nutting and Nina Stamell on harmony vocals.

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S&T Cover

Debut album features intricate guitarwork, arrestingly unique vocal performances, humanistic narratives, confessionals, humour and an experimental edge.

Solo acoustic guitar and vocal.

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