No. Title Duration
1 Sydney Love Song Playing Paused
2 I Come From Nepal Playing Paused
3 Canterbury Eulogy 2006 Playing Paused
4 James Blunt Is Stalking Me Playing Paused


Debut album features intricate guitarwork, arrestingly unique vocal performances, humanistic narratives, confessionals, humour and an experimental edge.

Solo acoustic guitar and vocal.


John Shand, Sydney Morning Herald

Most guitar-strumming singer-songwriters are dull, and the rest tend to sound relentlessly like themselves, as though personal style outweighs universal substance. Wyatt Moss-Wellington turns that on its head, challenging preconceptions of song structure, guitar and vocal techniques, subject matter and stylistic homogeneity … prevalent is the rampant surprise as the listener is bounced between satire and aching tenderness, power chords and delicate finger-picking – sometimes all within one line! Moss-Wellington makes most of his peers sound like they have never fully considered the breadth of options open to them. This is an auspicious debut.