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Sanitary Apocalypse is a 28-minute narrative song about an Earth spray-and-wiped to oblivion, with survivors living on dirt pills. The song follows protagonist Clara making her way north to an alleged shelter off the coast of Norway.

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Bourian Boubbov: French horn, Dave Carr: banjo, Tim Firth: drums, Alex Fontaine: cor anglais, Jess Randall: nyckelharpa, Mary Rapp: double bass, Ian Watson: violin, Alexei Dupressoir and Oscar Henderson: bass clarinet duel.

Choir: Susie Bishop, Brian Campeau, Dave Carr, Sarah Klarnet, Louise Nutting, Nina Stamell. Vocal duet: Louise & Wyatt.

Wyatt: lead vocals, guitars, mandolin, piano, keyboards, synths, sounds and programming.

Composed, arranged and produced by Wyatt Moss-Wellington. Recorded in Sydney, Australia by Wyatt, except drums, French horn and double bass (recorded on a sweet Neumann U47) by Tim Walker at SoundWalker Studios, Newtown. Mastered by Tim at SoundWalker Studios and Daniel Fournier at Digital Archives Network. Mixed by Wyatt. Cover art by Jess Bradford and Jack Breukelaar.

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