Everyone keeps talking about how they’re all growing up faster and faster, but it doesn’t seem to me like Carla’s going fast. For one, she’s still scared of so many things. Lately it’s been witches. She still has a snotrag, which she carries around the house. Where most kids might have a blanket they… Read more

A few weeks ago I created a Facebook fan page entitled, “Can this sanitary napkin get more fans than [Australian Federal Opposition Leader] Tony Abbott?” The napkin in question is a homemade reusable pad featuring pictures of fertility deity Kokopelli on its burgundy patterned fabric. I created the page as an ironic twist on the… Read more

The amount of weight-related content on TV these days – and “Biggest Loser” is just the start of it – heralds just how far into the public consciousness obesity has been pushed. It’s gone beyond Hollywood’s ugly yet enduring stereotyping of fat characters as the stupid and hapless ones. Witnessing the now perfectly acceptable vitriol… Read more

James Cameron has recently appeared in the LA Times’ The Envelope publication to tell us we “will be a dying world if we don’t make some fundamental changes about how we view ourselves and how we view wealth …. We’re going to have to live with less.” I’d agree with him if he weren’t one… Read more

This video is a step in the right direction. Seeing as I support the gist of it, I’ll help it along its intended viral path by posting it to my site. However, Richard Curtis, what’s with that terrible coverage? I just counted, and I think you crossed the line at least four times, arbitrary camera movement… Read more

The best album I heard last year was Dar Williams‘ “Out There Live“, from 2001. When I’m feeling queasy about the state of the world, all I need to do is hear the hordes of young women heckling ecstatically as Williams opens her album, singing “I will not be afraid of women”, and I feel… Read more