The Australian media inquiry is currently taking submissions until Oct 31 2011, and I urge everyone to get involved. Email to make your submission, or use NewsStand’s online form at You might consider the following points: 1. Media ownership: do we need to break up New Ltd’s 70% market share and cross-media control,… Read more

There is reason to hope about the future of journalism, despite digital blows dealt to its standard operation over the past decades. Earlier this week I attended a meeting with a number of my peers, independent media practitioners and supporters including Jane Lee of The IF Project and Claire Connelly of Social Scapegoat. Both Lee… Read more

The current Australian federal election is such a depressing race to the bottom, such an abandonment of any interest in the wellbeing of others stuffed full with such colossal missings-of-the-point that I haven’t wanted to write about it. But I will take time off from recording my latest studio album (2 weeks to go!) to… Read more

New Matilda, my favourite news commentary site in Australia, has gone under. Shortly after they announced the impending closure of their online publication, I asked my friend Jane, who is launching a magazine called the IF Project, if it was possible to introduce new media models in the current resource-starved media climate, without subsequently selling… Read more

Pretty much all of the major news outlets and information gathering services worldwide have suffered increasingly severe funding cuts over the past few decades. First at the hands of Murdoch-epitomised corporate logic – the quality of the product comes a far distant second to its responsibility to shareholders and executive staff pay packets – and… Read more