I have a chapter in Carl Plantinga’s edited collection on Screen Stories and Moral Understanding titled “On Reflecting on Reflections: The Moral Afterlife and Screen Studies.” The chapter makes a case for extended periods of reflection as the quality that sets screen studies scholarship apart from other communities engaged with film and screen media, like… Read more

My newest monograph, Cognitive Film and Media Ethics, is out now with Oxford University Press. More information here: https://global.oup.com/academic/product/cognitive-film-and-media-ethics-9780197552896 Cognitive Film and Media Ethics provides a grounding in the use of cognitive science to address key questions in film, television and screen media ethics. This book extends past works in cognitive media studies to answer normative… Read more

My two latest articles are now online. “Criminals at Play: Oedipus, Rope, and Telltale’s The Walking Dead,” is published in Culture, Theory and Critique and contrasts different acts of storytelling – theatre, film and games – as spaces of narrative play. The article is included in Celia Lam and Melissa Brown’s upcoming “Playful Encounters” special issue of… Read more

My first monograph, Narrative Humanism: Kindness and Complexity in Fiction and Film, has just been released by Edinburgh University Press. Narrative Humanism outlines an approach for reading fictive texts focussed upon the politics of human kindness. The book asks how we can use stories to complicate our understanding of others, and questions the ethics and efficacy of attempts to represent… Read more

Two new articles published recently, for those interested in readings of domestic ensemble films: For Style journal, I wrote a piece on emotional contagion in the film Parenthood (Ron Howard, 1989): https://www.jstor.org/stable/10.5325/style.52.3.0302 For Sydney Studies in English, abject humanism in adaptations of Tom Perrotta novels, Election (Alexander Payne, 1999) and Little Children (Todd Field, 2006): https://openjournals.library.sydney.edu.au/index.php/SSE/article/view/12638

The Australian media inquiry is currently taking submissions until Oct 31 2011, and I urge everyone to get involved. Email media-inquiry@dbcde.gov.au to make your submission, or use NewsStand’s online form at http://www.newsstand.org.au/make-your-submission. You might consider the following points: 1. Media ownership: do we need to break up New Ltd’s 70% market share and cross-media control,… Read more